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L'Expression Creative Studios Wraps Up an Epic Year with PAL Charter Academy, San Bernardino!

Talented instructors: from left to right Mona Moayedifar (Fine Arts), Maryam Crogman (Director), Lola Sule (Dance, Meditation and Movement), Leon Taylor (Fitness), Chana Solomon Jackson (Fine Arts).

Hey there, art enthusiasts and culture champions! 🎨🎶✨

As we bid farewell to another amazing school year in less than a month, we're bursting with excitement to share some incredible news with you all! L'Expression Creative Studios has been on a whirlwind adventure as we've had the absolute honor of partnering with PAL Charter Academy in San Bernardino for their afterschool arts program for the 2023-2024 school year, and boy, oh boy, what a ride it's been!

From unleashing creativity in the fine arts to dropping beats in music production, crafting cinematic masterpieces in film production with Mr. J Pash from PassionNet Productions, spinning records in DJ sessions with Brian Davis DJ Shazamm the iPAd producer, grooving in dance and fitness classes with Ms. Lola with Creator Essence and Mr Leon with Oxcord, building beautiful art pieces with Ms. Mona Moayedifar and Chana Solomon-Jackson, and serenading souls in our Strings class with Teacher Kybra Minissee of Crescendo Conservatory of the Arts, we've brought the magic of the arts to the middle school and high school campuses of PAL Charter Academy like never before!

(Left to Right - The music gurus JPash and Brian Davis, Kybra Minissee)

Now, as we wrap up this extraordinary journey, we want to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to the incredible students, faculty, and staff at PAL Charter Academy. Your passion, enthusiasm, and dedication have inspired us every step of the way, and we feel truly blessed to have been a part of your artistic journey this year.

To all the budding artists, musicians, filmmakers,

DJs, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts we've had the pleasure of working with: you've blown us away with your talent, creativity, and boundless energy! Keep chasing your dreams, pushing boundaries, and making the world a more beautiful place with your artistry.

And to our phenomenal team of instructors and staff at L'Expression Creative Studios: you are the heartbeat of our mission, the driving force behind our success, and the soul of our studio. Your passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence have made this year truly unforgettable.

As we bid adieu to PAL Charter Academy, we want to extend an open invitation to all schools and centers out there who are craving a dose of L'Expression creative Studios' magic! Whether you're dreaming of bringing our dynamic programs to your campus or center, or you have a special request in mind, we're here to turn your artistic aspirations into reality.

So, if you're ready to ignite creativity, inspire imagination, and unleash the power of the arts in your community, don't hesitate to reach out to us at L'Expression Creative Studios. Together, let's make magic happen!

Until next time, keep creating, keep dreaming, and keep spreading joy through the power of the arts!

With love and gratitude,

The L'Expression Creative Studios Team ✨🎨🎶

Below art work from the PAL Charter Academy Middle and Highschoolers

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