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About Us

At L'Expression Creative Studios Inc., our mission is to serve as a vibrant and inclusive creative hub for the community. We are dedicated to providing access to the joy of artistic expression and fostering a learning environment for individuals of all skill levels. Through our regular classes, sip and paint parties, and event space, we strive to create an atmosphere where unforgettable memories are made. We take pride in showcasing art that celebrates the rich diversity of world cultures. Explore our range of services and art passes, and join us in experiencing the transformative power of art.


Our vision at L'Expression Creative Studios Inc. is to be a renowned center of artistic inspiration, where people from all walks of life can unlock their creative potential and find solace, joy, and personal growth through art. We aspire to be the go-to destination for individuals seeking a nurturing and inclusive environment to explore their artistic interests. By fostering a sense of community, embracing diverse cultural expressions, and offering a wide range of engaging experiences, we aim to enrich lives, promote artistic exploration, and make a positive impact on our local community and beyond.

Meet the Team


Maryam Crogman

CEO, Artist


Paint Brushes

Chana S. Jackson

Office Manager, Instructor Artist


Abstract Gold Flower

Gloria O.







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