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Partner With Us!

We partner with schools and institutions for their Art education and After school programs needs.

Contact us to learn about our curriculum and programming.

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Fine Arts

Our team of talented artists and educators are equipped to teach your K-12 art classes. 

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Pash teaching.jpg

Music & Video Production

We offer modern tech savvy courses around the production of music and videos to equip youth with social media and artistic skills necessary in this changing AI driven world.

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Violin and Instruments

We work with professional musicians who will get your children concert ready.



We offer a range of musical movement activities and dance styles. We help youth become comfortable in their bodies, stretch, and destress after school. 

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It is important for youth to get up and move. Our fitness team is dedicated to help young people build strength and a deeper understanding of the reason why we should keep our bodies healthy.

Get your kids challenged in a safe and positive environment.

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Part of learning is also to be free and play, we set up activities centered around kids creativity and games where they get to explore games from around the world and get to learn a diversity of skills while playing.

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